We believe not every gift is created equal. In recent times, gifting with genuine thoughtfulness has been usurped by searches primarily motivated by lightning fast shipping and last-minute gift cards. Often treated as a chore to cross off the “To-Do List", gifting as a form of pure expression has sadly lost its way.


Uniquely Arv was founded to make every aspect of gifting a fully immersive experience once again. A delightful combination of curated premium products, lovely wrapping paper, tasteful ribbon and handwritten note create a memorable experience like no other. 


Our exclusive designs strive to inspire feelings of excitement, appreciation and nostalgia with every package we create.


We invite you to treat yourself or someone else to the ultimate gifting experience.

~Uniquely Arv


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* certified "desertee"

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Co-Founder ~ Business Director

* baseball fanatic

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* wants to meet Jerry Seinfeld